Schecter R66 Williams Custom Shop

Schecter R66 Santa Monica Custom Shop

Schecter Wembley Custom Shop

Schecter R66 PT Williams CS

Schecter R66 Santa Monica traditional

Schecter R66 Yin traditional

Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

Schecter PT Standard

Tokai ULS136F VF

Tokai UES198 TB

Cordoba GK Studio Limited

Larrivèe D03 MH


Lake Sound Rebel V3d2 (3 driver)

Lake Sound Grace (7 driver)

Shure PSM300

Red Sound Studio 8 monitors

Tube Amps

M-Tech Audio Custom 50

Testata 3C Classic T&B 60 W

Casse: T&B 2x12 con coni WGS

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