FAQ and Instructions

Every patch and profile has dedicated demo videos.  

All patches are recorded directly no audio post processing. 

Please use the last firmware available or the firmware indicated on the patch

In case of problems send a mail to customercaremfguitar@gmail.com

The use of the preset is strictly personal, sharing and selling is prohibited!

Q. I don’t see the Paypal Button

A. Please accepts cookie policy

Q. After purchasing the patch I don’t find any link or receive any file

A. At the end of Paypal procedure remember to press  the button “Return to Merchant” 

The download will start immediately,
Sometimes the browser seems frozen, please check the Download folder if the patch is there  

Automatic Download doesn’t work with mobile browser! Use only PC or Mac 

If automatic download doesn’t start send a mail to customercaremfguitar@gmail.com

I will send the patch via mail as soon as possible,

Please don’t block the payment via PayPal 

For technical request and question write to marcofnt@gmail.com

Q. How can I install the preset? I can update the firmware? How to connect the system? ... etc.

A. Before to purchase any presets YOU HAVE TO BE CONFIDENT WITH THE SYSTEM AND READ THE MANUAL!!!! I don’t give support for basic operations!!!!!!

Q. I can’t hear any sound

A. Did you installed the Impulse response included into the patch?
Did you check the volume pedal status? Typically the first volume block is assigned to volume pedal

Q. What does mean “install impulse response”?

A. Please check the manual fo your system, I can’t support for basic operations! Be aware to be confident with the system and READ THE MANUAL BEFOR BUYING ANY PRESETS

Q. Sound is different from the video

A. I don’t use any audio post processing for my demo but there are several reasons the sound could be different from the video
- Guitar: if in the video I am using a Stratocaster and you are using a Les Paul
- Monitors or headphones: please use high quality monitoring system
- Playing: the playing is 80% of the sound, my hands are not your hands. Some sounds needs a very precise control on the dynamic (Typically Santana Sounds) 


Q. For Helix Users: I can’t upload the patch, editors says “Model don’t recognized

A. Please be sure you Install the last HX Edit version. Check the editor version pressing “about HX Edit”

Q. For Helix Users: I upload the patch but I can’t hear any sound

A. Please check the first volume block who is connected with volume pedal. Try to rise up your volume pedal or bypass the block if you don’t use it.

Q. For Fractal AX8 Users: The sounds is very bad, like the wha is ON

A. I use Mission Engineering Pedal SP1: Toe switch on EXP3, pedal on EXP4 to drive Wha and Volume.

You have to adjust the settings of your pedal in the proper way as described in the pictures below

If you don’t use external pedal please disable Wha and Volume block

For AX8 Users save embedded IR

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